Special Interest Propaganda + over $250,000 of corporate money + City Government Lies = Another Taxpayer Loss

Few things expose the breathtaking hypocrisy of this City government and it’s profit-sharing political machine like this past Bond election.

In November of 2012,  about 120,826 voters said “NO” to the city’s demand for $78 million for an “affordable housing” Bond.  To these hypocrites who perpetually extol the virtue of “democracy”, this vote result wasn’t “democratic” at all because it did not satisfy the progressive demand for unending debt and taxation, and did not satisfy a progressive prophecy which declares, “of the increase of money and power upon Austin government, there shall be no end”.  For the Austin political machine,  ”No means Yes”, or “No means ask again after $450,000+ of political propaganda and city government disinformation”.

Fast forward to Nov, 2013, when about 39,878 voters say Yes.  This of course is proof that “voters were educated” on the issue and “democracy” was served, in spite of the fact that over 91% of the voters said NO, or said nothing.  Shame on hypocrites claiming to champion “democracy” when they ignore the voice of 91% of the voters, and who claim fewer voters who say YES are “democratic” while more voters who say NO are not.

What TCTU finds alarming is the insatiable lust and greed this city government machine has for other people’s money and liberties.  Worse, that greed comes with a self-righteous god complex that they uniquely care about things like “affordable housing”, while God and the rest of us who work hard to pay our own way without burdening our neighbors, and pay all the taxes, and donate to true charities, don’t care enough, if at all.

What we need to remind everyone about is obvious — if Austinites had won the Nov, 2013 election, the greedy hypocrites would be back to try again.  Likewise, since we lost, the greedy hypocrites will be back to try again.

TCTU gives a hearty THANK YOU to all the volunteers and voters with TAG and the other smaller groups and individuals who worked for all of Austin, trying to RE-DEFEAT this un-affordable Bond.  These same self-righteous progressive hypocrites will be back — and so will we!

TCTU’s Roger Falk on YNN:–65m-affordable-housing-bond

TCTU’s Don Zimmerman on KEYE:



Nov 5th Election Watch Party for UNaffordable Housing Bonds, 7:30PM to 9PM, BB Rover’s Pub

Dear Taxpayer Friend — if you haven’t done so already, PLEASE VOTE!  Early voting results are encouraging because suburban Austin neighborhoods who defeated the Bond a year ago are voting relatively well compared to more central Austin locations.  Overall turnout is pathetic – as expected.

Please join us Tuesday Evening after the polls close:

What: TCTU Election Watch

Where:  BB Rover’s Pub,  12636 Research Blvd. Suite B-101 Austin TX 78759

When:  7:30PM to 9:00 PM

Why:  Meet-up with taxpayer friendly voters and activists and hope for the best (a taxpayer victory #2 on the Unaffordable Housing Bond)



Join EARLY VOTING RALLY against UNaffordable Austin Bonds, Oct 21st, 10AM

Join us at the Randall’s early voting location at Braker Lane and Research, Monday morning at 10:00 AM, to vote against new debt and taxes — Vote for more affordable Austin – Vote AGAINST increased debt and taxes!




PRESS CONFERENCE launches “No Means NO!” whistle-blower campaign against UNaffordable BONDS!


01-Oct-2013 — coverage–no-means-no–on-affordable-housing-bond


*Press Advisory — Travis County Taxpayers Union Launch “No Means NO!” whistle-blower campaign against City Government’s UNaffordable Housing Bonds on Nov 5th ballot:
PRESS CONFERENCE Oct 1st, 10:00AM, Travis County Commissioner Court Lobby

TCTU analysts will highlight reasons to vote against — and RE-defeat, the UNaffordable increase of debt and higher rents and taxes city government wants to impose on Austin residents.

TCTU Analyst Roger Falk will present facts underscoring how UNaffordable the City’s “affordable” housing program has become.

TCTU Treasurer Don Zimmerman will ask if taxpayers need to blow the “taxpayer rape whistle”, because City Council won’t accept “NO” for “will you give us more money?”.

TCTU assesses the City political machine’s top five responses to Austin voters saying “NO” to the November, 2012 UNaffordable Housing Bonds:

5. Just ask AGAIN for even higher rents, taxes, and debt;
4. Raise rents and taxes and utilities so more voters are dependent on government for housing;
3. Marshall more special interest money and voters for another low-turnout election;
2. Conceal private profits at taxpayer expense for housing project owners;
and number ONE:
1. LIE TO VOTERS that increased City spending and debt won’t increase rents and taxes.

“No means NO!” Blow the whistle, Vote Against the UNaffordable Housing Bonds

*WHAT: Press Conference launching campaign against City Government’s UNaffordable Housing Bonds on Nov 5th ballot.

*WHEN: Tuesday, Oct 1st, 10:00 AM.*

*WHERE: Travis County Commissioner Court Building, 700 Lavaca St. (1st Floor Lobby)

For more information, contact Don Zimmerman, 512-577-8842

The Travis County Taxpayers Union was established in 2012 to represent the
best interests of Travis County Taxpayers against special public and
private interests demanding subsidies at the taxpayer’s expense.


No means NO! Join TCTU in Opposing Austin’s Unaffordable $65 “Affordable Housing Bond!

Dear Taxpayer Friend -

Now that Austin has announced it has no respect for the vote of the taxpayers last year, who said NO to the un-affordable “affordable housing” Bond and the increase debt and taxes it brings for the benefit of a few persons favored by Austin bureaucrats, TCTU is announcing opposition to this issue in the November election.  Stay tuned for details to follow.  Fox 7 News did a short piece on this issue on the weekend:

Please contribute TODAY and make a note of “NO MEANS NO – Vote AGAINST Unaffordable Housing debt and taxes” with your contribution.



COMING NEXT — there is good news coming regarding our legal appeal against Austin ISD’s illegal Bond ballot language….



TCTU Announces August 13th MONEYBOMB!!!

In April, the Travis County Taxpayers Union sued Austin ISD for lying to voters about a potential tax rate increase in their recent bond election.

Last month, a Democrat judge in Travis County ruled for the district, but TCTU intends to appeal.

If we can take this case to the third Court of Appeal, we can win. The law is on our side. If we win we will, at a minimum, save taxpayers $500 million; this lawsuit, however, could restrict financial shenanigans that local governments can pull across the state of Texas.

Unfortunately, lawyers cost money; we need to raise $6000 to keep our guy out of the poorhouse as the appeal works through the system.

Normally, in politics, you need large sums of money to make things happen. Not this time. This $6000 investment on the front end could save taxpayers in Austin Hundreds of Millions of Dollars and (in a best case scenario) could save BILLIONS across the state.

Your generous donation of $10, $20, $50 or even $100 is essential to keep this shoestring operation solvent.

Please donate to the Travis County Taxpayers Union Moneybomb on Tuesday, August 13th 2013!!!

Donate here.

More information from TCTU here and Cahnman’s Musings here.


Judge rules in favor of Austin ISD

[from Fox 7 local news...]  A Travis County Judge is giving the Austin School District the green light to start selling almost $500 million worth of bonds.

The money is part of a controversial election this past spring that was challenged by a local anti-tax group.  The court fight Monday was over the words that appeared on the May ballot for all four bond propositions.  It was argued successfully that the increase in property tax bills that AISD claimed is in fact an estimate at best.  Voters actually gave the school district the ability to have an unlimited tax hike rate for the bonds.

Despite that revelation Travis County Judge Tim Sulak ruled the election was legal.

The way the judge saw it AISD either couldn’t tell voters a specific tax rate or wouldn’t regardless, the language on the ballot essentially implied that position, even though the district released dollar amounts to the media.

Members of the Travis County Taxpayers Union, who challenged the bond election, were given the opportunity Monday to appeal the decision. But they’ll have to post a $15 million security note.  That money is to cover any losses a delay will cost AISD if the school district wins again in the appeals court.

Taxpayer Union Attorney Stephen Casey says the ruling Monday serves as a buyer-beware warning for property owners during tax votes.

“Now they are willing to sell you with how many things they want to do with the bond but when they GOP to tell you about how much its costs, they don’t put that one there, I think the taxpayers in Austin ISD really need to hold this school board in check in how much they’re spending,” Casey said.

Attorneys for AISD declined an on camera interview, but the district did issue the following statement:

“Today’s court ruling validates the results of the May election and paves the way for AISD to proceed with the issuance of the public securities approved in that election. The ruling will permit AISD to carry out the will of Austin voters, who approved two propositions totaling $490 million, and to begin moving forward with plans for funding the school improvements voters deemed are necessary to provide a quality education for our students.”

If the Taxpayers Union cannot raise the money to make the appeal it’s unclear when the district will start issuing the bonds or actually start construction
Read more:



Travis County Taxpayer Union back in court over illegal Bond ballot language

Travis County Taxpayer Union back in court over illegal Bond ballot language

Austin, TX — On Monday morning (Jul 15th), a Travis County courtroom hearing will commence over TCTU assertions that Austin ISD and other political subdivisions like Travis County’s Central Health, have been violating Texas law by not disclosing costs of bonds on the election ballot.
“Certain changes in the law regarding Bond elections and ballot language means we could be arguing a case of first impression”, says TCTU attorney Stephen Casey of Round Rock.  ”Districts can no longer rely on outdated case law”.
“We are confident of ultimately winning this legal argument”, says Don Zimmerman, Founder and PAC Treasurer of TCTU.  ”Violating state ballot language statutes is just one of many methods government entities use to hide the real cost of government debt and spending and the exorbitant taxes that demands.”
TCTU’s Roger Falk is also expected to attend the hearing.

The hearing is expected to start at around 9 AM and conclude by lunch hour.  TCTU will have statements after the hearing.



TCTU lawsuit against illegal AISD Bond Ballot language has legs, Statesman reveals

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT LAST WEEK… — the Statesman reported that the TCTU lawsuit has Austin ISD worried they won’t be able to rush to unwisely spend hundreds of millions of new Bond debt on wasteful projects.

We think it would be a great idea to get more accountability and better management from AISD, instead of more staggering debt.

Help us defend taxpayers — PLEASE CONTRIBUTE at the link below TODAY so we can increase our chances of winning in court.  It is likely we will need to appeal the case to the Third Court of Appeals – which will require so more funds for filing fees and some funds for our outstanding, courageous attorney.



Austin school district asks court to clear way for bond projects

Fearing entanglement in a pending lawsuit could stall more than $489 million of voter-approved bond projects, the Austin school district has taken legal action of its own.

The district Wednesday filed a petition asking the courts to validate its authority to issue the bonds — an attempt to free it from a pending lawsuit by the Travis County Taxpayers Union, the only group to publicly oppose the bonds. The suit accused the district of using deceitful language on the ballot, a charge the district has denied….