TCTU Urges Vote FOR Prop K, the Austin City Audit!

Let’s vote FOR the Audit, based on the MERITS, not against from a concocted narrative of suspicion, disparagement, partisanship and divisiveness. https://whatispropk.com/ Proposition ‘K’, a common sense audit, supported by over 32,000 Austin voters, is being demonized and twisted into […]

Travis County Taxpayer’s Union Supports Austin Austin Petition

Austin residents file petition to find out how the City spends its money The Austin citizens said they want an independent third party audit on how the city spends its money. Author: Ashley Goudeau Published: 4:35 PM CDT July 12, 2018 Updated: 5:38 […]

Austin ISD’s “no tax increase” lie sells $Billion tax increase

Despite warnings about the latest unaffordable, unjustified tax increases from a public monopoly school District that features too much tax and too little learning for too few students, the 15% of voters who decided the Bond issued voted overwhelmingly for […]

Pro-AISD bond group raises $186,000 in campaign funds (Statesman.com)

As expected, Austin ISD is following the monopoly government school playbook — shakedown the corporate contractors who stand to profit hundreds of millions from the Bond tax increase for corporate contributions to fund the campaign of lies (e.g. “no tax […]

TCTU and local groups launch VOTE AGAINST AISD $Billion Tax Increase Campaigns!

TCTU and local groups kick off campaigns AGAINST AISD Unaffordable, Unsustainable, Unjustified $Billion TAX INCREASE. Former Austin City Council candidate Pete Salazar makes opening remarks at TCTU Campaign Kick-off against AISD $Billion+ Tax Increase (Statesman.com photo) http://www.statesman.com/news/local-education/diverse-group-opponents-rally-against-austin-isd-billion-bond/yU9NuT9MWpO6Xag6tCID2J/   http://www.fox7austin.com/news/local-news/group-gathers-at-lbj-high-school-to-oppose-aisd-bond   […]

TCTU Press Conference against AISD $Billion Bond tax increase is OCT. 10th

Out of respect for the many victims from despicable evil attack in Las Vegas, Oct 3rd Press Conference has been   RESCHEDULED to Tuesday, October 10th, LBJ High School, 7309 Lazy Creek Drive, Austin, TX 78724 Please find an updated and revised press […]

TCTU Announces Opposition to Austin ISD $Billion Bond — Public Press Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Austin, TX — The Travis County Taxpayer’s Union (TCTU)  is holding a public press conference to announce opposition to the Austin ISD’s $1 Billion Bond “without limit” tax increase, while the District continues to lose students […]

AISD still hiding from T.A. Brown Propaganda Scandal

Media Advisory Austin ISD uses 2013 Bond money to pay non-AISD employees to slant T.A. Brown reports – to support $30M replacement, and ignores subcontract engineer’s request for structural foundation analysis. TCTU asks AISD Trustees to fund a truly independent […]

Austin ISD creates political drama at T.A. Brown for Bond Votes

Reports show rebuilding TA brown cost effective for AISD; critics skeptical by Melanie Barden Wednesday, August 9th 2017 http://cbsaustin.com/news/local/reports-show-rebuilding-ta-brown-cost-effective-for-aisd-critics-skeptical

AISD wants to borrow hundreds of millions, TCTU’s Roger Falk alerts taxpayers

AISD wants to borrow hundreds of millions, TCTU’s Roger Falk alerts taxpayers

http://www.newsradioklbj.com/news/austin-local-news/aisd-finalize-proposal-borrow-hundreds-millions-you [From 590AM KLBJ] Austin Independent School District trustees should finalize their proposal to borrow just under a billion dollars from you for a laundry list of upgrades to schools throughout the city.  Bond Watchdog Roger Falk of the Travis […]