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TCTU Prop 1 Opposition in News – PLUS, TV ad campaign, and Yard Signs!

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!  Please CONTRIBUTE today so we can spread the TRUTH on Prop 1. We are the taxpayer’s “David”.  We’re fighting a special interest political Goliath that misleads voters on Prop 1!


For those who missed our Press Conference/Rally, please review these reports!


FOX 7:




ALERT!  TCTU is running this TV ad and we’re asking for SPAC Donations to expand the ad to all stations in more news time slots:


Please donate TODAY:


YARD SIGNS ARE AVAILABLE if you call these people, closest to your area.

US183 and Oak Knoll area:   Mark Wallace, 335-4399

Parmer Lane and McNeil:   Scott Prevratil, 249-9021

US183 & Mopac / Arboretum area:   Larry Garrett, 346-9735

RR 620 and 2222 area:   Carla Robertson, 258-2321

South Austin,:  Barbara Collins,  291-0426


Best regards, Don Zimmerman 577-8842





One Response

  1. jim mertens

    Looking for a yard sign and bumper sticker to stop prop 1. I agree if UT and Kirk Watson want a Med school let them pay for it. Kirk Watson is a pandering politician who is just trying to inflate his own stature.
    Jim Mertens