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BREAKING NEWS! St. David’s calls Prop 1 “Shell Game”; Media Reports, TV debates

JOIN THE BI-PARTISAN effort to defeat Prop 1!

The Prop 1 campaign is a contest between Republicans and Democrats seeking profit from higher property taxes, versus Republicans and Democrats (and Libertarians) who pay the taxes.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, there is big news with St. David’s breaking ranks and now opposing Prop 1.  St. David’s CEO correctly labels property tax increase and private/public cost shifting, to primarily benefit Seton, “a shell game”:

St. Davids Healthcare Objects to Prop 1

Roger Falk, TCTU Analyst and Communications Director, debated former Austin Mayor Carol Strayhorn:

FOX 7 TV Debate: TCTU’s Roger Falk vs. Carol Strayhorn Clip

Also, the lawsuit against illegal Proposition 1 Ballot Language has been amended, and a phone conference is scheduled for Friday at 2:00 PM; we hope to get a HEARING scheduled at that 2 PM conference.

KUT news story on VRA lawsuit against illegal/promotional Prop 1 Ballot Language


Please contribute TODAY – we have a real chance to DEFEAT PROP 1 and assert fiscal sanity against out of control politicians and bureaucrats…  $100 buys a 30 second spot for our TV ad!


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