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Vote AGAINST “healthcare” 63% Property Tax Increase Nov 6th!

TC Taxpayers Union urges a vote AGAINST the Travis County Prop 1 ad-valorem 63% tax increase on the November 6th ballot.

Why vote AGAINST?

1. The Travis County per-capita tax levy (out of pocket taxes per person) is already 250% higher than Bexar County (the next largest county) and 870% higher than El Paso County (the next smaller county).  Many county residents have already been forced to move or sell homes because of outrageous tax increases and diminished job prospects, even before the economy worsened.  WE NEED PROPERTY TAX RELIEF, NOT even higher unsustainable taxes.

2. According to the LCME (, the North American authority for medical school accreditation for US and Canada), Texas already has eight (8) accredited medical schools – the same as California.  The University of Texas has 4 of those, in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Galveston.   Moreover, the Texas A&M College of Medicine already has a new (2009) “community based”  medical school in Round Rock, already doing much of what Travis Central Health is proposing in a “new medical school”, and the Round Rock medical school was and is not subsidized by property taxes.   WE NEED ECONOMIC FREEDOM AND DIVERSIFICATION, NOT yet another medical school.

3. As reported by the Austin Statesman, Central Health Board members have been meeting secretly (“behind closed doors”) for months on how to spend and leverage higher tax revenue; taxpayers cannot know for certain what secret deals have been cut or what private corporate profits may result from $10s of millions in extra taxes.  Central Health defiantly says (quoting), “Our negotiating position does not need to be revealed to voters, and the executive [secret] meetings will continue.”  While small businesses and homeowners publicly struggle to stay afloat, politicians and bureaucrats privately plot to leverage higher, unsustainable local and federal taxes.  WE NEED PUBLIC DISCLOSURE AND PLANS TO REDUCE TAXES, not secret meetings on how to spend more taxpayer money!

4. While the federal government already faces a $16 trillion (and rapidly growing) debt, a downgrade in its credit rating, and alarming signs of a fiscal crisis from unfunded entitlements, “Central Health” boasts that a “Program 115 Waiver” increases federal spending.  Quoting Central Health, “Every new local dollar will be matched with $1.46 in federal funds…” – funds the federal government does not have and must borrow from China or others!  To claim an advantage in raising local taxes so we can further raise the national debt underscores the arrogance and irresponsibility of an out of control government.  WE NEED FISCAL SANITY, not increased local taxes which further increase the national debt!

5. The high cost of government in Travis County financially injures small business employers and property owners, causing economic hardship and loss of benefits like medical insurance.  The Central Health solution is to raise the cost of government even more with higher taxes for healthcare controlled by government bureaucrats and politicians. Central Health truly is “transforming” health care from a market system regular people can choose, to a single, coerced government system politicians and bureaucrats choose.  Central Health claims that “local healthcare expansions and upgrades are needed”; this is exactly the same claim they made in 2004 when the new tax was imposed, and exactly the same claim they will make in 5 or 10 years when they demand another 10%, 50% or 100% tax increase.  We must vote NOW to halt the insatiable demand of bureaucrats and politicians for more money and power over our healthcare.


VOTE AGAINST “Central Health” 63% Property Tax on Nov 6th!!