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Press Conference Draws 5 TV Stations, KLBJ and Statesman

TCTU campaign launch 22-Apr 2013

TCTU “Not For Kids” Vote Against $892 million Bonds press conference:  with sign, l-r, Adam Cahn, Roger Falk, Karen Flanagan.



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  1. johnchao

    Texas keeps claiming “no state income tax” as self-righteous and self-deceiving.

    If you really have been living in other states or having friends out of state, do some homework. You will find out that AISD property tax in essence includes both state income tax plus property tax, period. For example, middle class $200K homes now pay around $5000 property tax.

    Either North Carolina, Arizona or Oklahoma, you would pay combined state income and property taxes around $5000 with your comparable family income level, comparable 2000 sq. ft. home, and family size. Most data are available on internet as well.

    Bottom line, Texas has inequitable tax structure since property owners are funding ISD for lots of people with kids but without paying property tax (not own a property) nor state income tax (there is no state income tax). Worst, AISD is such big spender, waster without accountability. I jog by Kiker Elementary School, I can hear the fan sound A/C on in summer all the time and during weekends. There are no written procedures to operate, maintain, and bid the best job for quality work as we do in private industry to follow ISO9001 or AS9000 standards. As far as street pavement, guardrail damage repairs present another sign of poor accountability in Austin area. Students achievement has not much to do with $1Billion proposed spending??