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Special Interest Propaganda + over $250,000 of corporate money + City Government Lies = Another Taxpayer Loss

Few things expose the breathtaking hypocrisy of this City government and it’s profit-sharing political machine like this past Bond election.

In November of 2012,  about 120,826 voters said “NO” to the city’s demand for $78 million for an “affordable housing” Bond.  To these hypocrites who perpetually extol the virtue of “democracy”, this vote result wasn’t “democratic” at all because it did not satisfy the progressive demand for unending debt and taxation, and did not satisfy a progressive prophecy which declares, “of the increase of money and power upon Austin government, there shall be no end”.  For the Austin political machine,  “No means Yes”, or “No means ask again after $450,000+ of political propaganda and city government disinformation”.

Fast forward to Nov, 2013, when about 39,878 voters say Yes.  This of course is proof that “voters were educated” on the issue and “democracy” was served, in spite of the fact that over 91% of the voters said NO, or said nothing.  Shame on hypocrites claiming to champion “democracy” when they ignore the voice of 91% of the voters, and who claim fewer voters who say YES are “democratic” while more voters who say NO are not.

What TCTU finds alarming is the insatiable lust and greed this city government machine has for other people’s money and liberties.  Worse, that greed comes with a self-righteous god complex that they uniquely care about things like “affordable housing”, while God and the rest of us who work hard to pay our own way without burdening our neighbors, and pay all the taxes, and donate to true charities, don’t care enough, if at all.

What we need to remind everyone about is obvious — if Austinites had won the Nov, 2013 election, the greedy hypocrites would be back to try again.  Likewise, since we lost, the greedy hypocrites will be back to try again.

TCTU gives a hearty THANK YOU to all the volunteers and voters with TAG and the other smaller groups and individuals who worked for all of Austin, trying to RE-DEFEAT this un-affordable Bond.  These same self-righteous progressive hypocrites will be back — and so will we!

TCTU’s Roger Falk on YNN:–65m-affordable-housing-bond

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