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TCTU Introduces Round Rock Parents and Taxpayers Association

Finally – a new kind of “PTA”!

TCTU is please to welcome more grass roots activists to the call for transparency, affordability, accountability in local government.


Round Rock Parents and Taxpayers Association

e.g. From FB postings:

My 2 cents to add to all the commentary….

This bond offering is dishonest, misleading and probably illegal! At the Westwood HS public hearing Tuesday, neither the Administration nor the Board of Trustees were able to satisfactorily answer basic questions such as actual bond/tax costs, new school boundaries, detail on any of the projects including the new proposed $150,000,000 High School #6 and $22,000,000 Natatorium. Furthermore, this is the LARGEST BOND OFFERING in the history of RRISD! This follows the $300,000,000 bond approved in 2014 and adds to the existing bond indebtedness of $800,000,000, thus generating a potential total district debt of nearly $1.4 BILLION!!

There are no definitive plans for any of these projects….they are just ideas and concepts. What the Board is really asking the taxpayers for is a $572,100,000 “blank check”!

I am always supportive of our children and teachers with sound educational disciplines and initiatives…but, this bond does not remotely achieve that. As responsible citizens, we must say NO to THIS bond!!