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Round Rock ISD Vote NO $572M Bond – Press Conference Success

KEYE TV on Taxpayer Groups Opposed to Round Rock ISD Bond

“I am just a citizen, father, taxpayer, veteran that’s fed up with this spending that’s out of control.” That’s all Round Rock resident David Schmidt had to say as taxpayer advocates gathered to oppose Round Rock ISD’s $572 million bond package.

Opponents complain this is Round Rock ISD’s biggest bond election ever. But supporters counter the district’s needs are also the biggest ever. And both sides have just a few weeks to win hearts and minds.

John Gordon doesn’t mince words when he talks about the upcoming bond election. The long-time Round Rock resident says, “This is an excessive, large, very wasteful inappropriate bonds. It’s going to hammer our community. It will make our community less financially successful.”

Today a coalition of local groups spoke out against the $572 million package and the burden they believe it will put on the taxpayers. Dr Pat McGuiness with Round Rock Parents & Taxpayers Association says, “There’s much more wrong with this bond package thank simply a huge price tag. Misplaced and questionable priorities, wasteful items priced excessively, lack of proper project planning and vetting and worse.”

But supporters counter the bond package was had plenty of input from the public and school principals. Ron Buffum, who chairs of the bond committee says, “All of the principals of the 54 campuses were approached and we asked them what do we need to do to your campus to improve it to benefit the students.”

They say the bonds address current crowding and prepare the district for the future. Catherine Hannah, a former school board president says, “The parents and the community members and the business folks who support the district want innovation and flexibility so the kids can have the ability to focus on fine arts and STEAM and engineering and health sciences.”

Early voting begins April 24 and election day is May 6. If you want to see what improvements the bonds might fund at your school, Round Rock ISD has put together an online bond guide. Follow the link below.