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“Citizens Bond Committee” Members AGAINST $572M RR ISD BOND


“I read all the information available on the RRISD web page. According to the District, the Citizens Bond Committee recommended the bond sale. Is that not true?”

While the CBC has done so, there are quite a few individuals who served on the Citizens Bond Committee (CBC) who are opposing the bond. Here’s why: The CBC process was a process that was not truly citizen-driven but driven by he RRISD administration to get what they wanted, The projects were not defined by the CBC, but the administration. Most all of the CBC did not even get to see input from principals at the schools. They held only a few meetings (three total meetings for one participant) and did not seriously vet projects. In many cases cost estimates were SWAGs rather than based on rigorous engineering-based cost-estimation.

One of the observations made was how the CBC committees had a lot of administration people involved, how Round Rock chamber-tied people were leading committees, etc. When the CBC ‘recommended’ this, a hand-picked stacked deck was rubber-stamping an administration plan. With a sham process done for PR not decision-making, the result was a very flawed product on many level. Many CBC members are saying “Not This Bond” in response to a process that has gone off the rails.

“I served on the Citizen’s Bond Committee this year and have first hand experience as to details and unanswered questions for this bond ask. I will vote “NO” without hesitation on all three propositions.” – Ruth Ann Dickensheets, former PTA President, CBC member

“I served on this citizen’s bond committee … Those of us on the committee had difficulty getting answers, answers changed on a whim, emails were not returned, and many of us generally felt as though the various projects were hastily evaluated. I have serious concerns about the process by which these projects were vetted and how the district came up with the numbers.” – Tracy Armstrong, CBC member

“I am a huge supporter of public education and have always worked hard to support bonds; however, I cannot support this bond. This is not a decision that I came to lightly and not a decision I made without doing lots and lots of homework and research (I have attended 3 public presentations). For those of you that don’t know, I chaired the elementary sub committee on the 2008/2014 bonds, sat on the boundary committee, and have served in various leadership positions in my kiddos elementary, middle and high schools. … Several CBC members, some who I know and others that I don’t, but whose judgement I respect are not supporting the bond. They raised red flags regarding the process to the school administration and to the board and those concerns were ignored. … There are serious needs in the district and much work to be done but the district needs to go back to the table, properly engage the community, and bring back something that makes sense to all the stakeholders in our communities. No one is saying no to bonds, we are saying NOT THIS BOND.” – Kellyn Bradford, Round Rock ISD Council of PTAs.