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Who is funding “Classrooms for Kids” for $572M RR ISD Bond?

Who is funding “Classrooms for Kids?”
Pamela Oldham
Estates at Settlers Park
Most signs and mailings to voters supporting RRISD’s Bond Propositions come from “Classrooms for Kids” (CFK). Since mailings are particularly expensive, voters may be curious about who is funding CFK. As the expression goes, “Follow the money.” What was found is that 93% of the total $68,384 contributions to CFK over the past 2 months came from business organizations (plus one dissolved PAC), many of which stand to gain financially by passage of the RRISD bonds. Attached is a summary of contributions based on type of contributor. The source of this information is the Texas Ethics Commission which receives monthly financial disclosures showing contributions and expenses. Classrooms for Kids filed its most recent report on April 27. The filer is the PAC’s treasurer, Michael Doss, past Chair of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and Area President for the Independent Bank Group where it appears he focuses on commercial construction and public sector lending.  Individuals not included in the business category of the attached analysis with obvious ties to business include people such as two sitting Round Rock City Council members, the current President and CEO of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce, the CEO of a civil engineering firm that, according to the company’s website, has been involved in Texas toll road projects and school and public sector projects elsewhere, and at least two owners of commercial real estate firms. While some businesses and business-related individuals may have contributed to Classrooms for Kids out of a genuine desire to help the kids, there is ample reason to believe that their motives are not entirely pure.
Several projects included in the bonds have at least as much to do with economic development in Round Rock as they do with educating kids in an RRISD coverage area that extends well beyond the City of Round Rock.