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Taxpayers Win! Round Rock ISD $572 million Bonds all defeated

In photo from left:  Pam Oldham, Paul Matthews, Patrick McGuinness, John Gordon, Don Zimmerman, Dave Schmidt.

A remarkable coalition of grass roots forces, from conservative-libertarian to progressive-democrat, (a fiscally conservative “Union” if you will) combined efforts to defeat not just Round Rock ISD District political forces but the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber contributed at least $10,000 to the pro-Bond PAC) and the usual subsidized-growth interests.  THANK YOU to activists and voters, and especially Patrick McGuinness and Ed Buckley of “Round Rock Parents and Taxpayers Association” – that is, “there’s a new PTA in District”.

Also thanks to Williamson County (John Gordon) GOP, and Travis County GOP (James Dickey) for getting Resolutions passed opposing the RR ISD Bonds.