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TCTU Press Conference against AISD $Billion Bond tax increase is OCT. 10th

Out of respect for the many victims from despicable evil attack in Las Vegas, Oct 3rd Press Conference has been   RESCHEDULED
to Tuesday, October 10th, LBJ High School, 7309 Lazy Creek
Drive, Austin, TX 78724
Please find an updated and revised press release below:


Austin, TX — The Travis County Taxpayer’s
Union (TCTU) is holding a public press conference announcing its opposition to Austin ISD’s $1 Billion Bond and its associated “without limit” tax increase. AISD, in the midst of a student population decline, wants to build new schools and expand capacity
as it loses students to Public Charter Schools who have waiting lists. AISD doesn’t have a growth problem, it has a distribution problem and they shortchange East Austin in their proposed spending. Most importantly, AISD has broken public trust by attempting
to conceal the bond’s cost on homeowners with a false “no tax rate increase” diversion. In stark contrast, Travis County, also with a bond on the November ballot, has provided the public with a truthful, accurate statement of the actual tax increase impact
for their borrowing, based on known fact giving voters a repayment cost per $100,000 for their bond. The TCTU plans to present Travis County our “Truth in Borrowing” award for their transparency and honesty.

TCTU invites other opposition grassroots
groups to attend the press conference:

WHAT: Public Press Conference announcing
AISD $Billion Bond opposition campaigns
WHERE: LBJ High School, 7309 Lazy Creek
Drive, Austin, TX 78724
WHEN: Tuesday, October 10 at 12 noon

TCTU agrees with former Travis County Judge
Bill Aleshire: “You can’t borrow a billion dollars without paying more in taxes than you would pay without this new debt”.

Karen Flanagan, Founder of Austinites Against
AISD’s 2017 Bond: “Voters should reject this expensive tax increase because it’s unjustified even based on AISD’s own projections. AISD should better manage utilized campuses instead of raising our taxes.”

Taxpayer Advocate John Goldstone: “We have
an epidemic of legal, unethical, deception going around. Hays, Round Rock, Lake Travis, Leander and AISD all avoid or avoided giving voters honest tax impact numbers”

Young Hispanic Advocate of Austin, Marco
Mancillas: “A voice of the people speaks a thousand words, and equality is a word that has not been transparent in AISD culture. Equality is a word that has to be understood in all 10 districts for the bond to be viable for East Austin. Without equality, the
bond will not help the students of AISD, and we are seeing it now as a community of East Austin.”

John Wood, Progressive Tax Examiners: “AISD
asking for a BILLION dollars in light of a decreasing student enrollment is completely out of touch with reality, and is indicative of their tendency to spend before they think.”

Mike Lee, Founding President of Austin Area
MLK Association: “The AISD community, and especially the east side, is being shortchanged and fleeced. We’re voting AGAINST”.

TCTU consulting analyst Roger Falk: “AISD’s
attempt to conceal this bond’s tax increase is deceptive. Voters are owed honesty before more debt.”

Gavino Fernandez, El Concilio de East Austin,
coalition of Mexican-American neighborhoods: “East and West should unite to defeat the $1Billion AISD Bond, which would further displace Latinos from East Austin.”

TCTU director, Don Zimmerman: “We ask voters
to READ THE BALLOT, which clearly states Bond taxes are, legally, WITHOUT LIMIT AS TO RATE OR AMOUNT. This ‘truth in lending’ statement, required by state law, is the result of a 2013 TCTU lawsuit against AISD’s illegal ballot language. Their ballot language
appears to violates the spirit of state rule with a list of items that is little more than a sales pitch.”

$1,050,984,000 school building bonds for the construction, acquisition, rehabilitation, renovation, expansion, improvement, modernization and equipment of school buildings in the district, including (i) technology systems and equipment, (ii) safety and security
systems and equipment, (iii) improvements to address overcrowding and safety concerns, (iv) improvements for students with special needs, and (v) reinvention programs for twenty-first century learning; the purchase of the necessary sites for school buildings;
and the purchase of new school buses, and the levy, pledge, assessment and collection of ad valorem taxes on all taxable property in the district, sufficient, without limit as to rate or amount, to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds and the costs
of credit agreements executed in connection with the bonds.