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Physicians join TCTU opposing Prop 1’s unnecessary tax increase for med school




October 3, 2012

A concerned group of Travis County community members, including numerous locally-renowned physicians, have joined the Travis County Taxpayer Union in publicly denouncing Proposition 1.  David L. Berry M.D., David T. Butler, M.D., Mark D. Akin, M.D., Paul S. Bushart, M.D., and numerous other physicians, who wish to remain anonymous, staunchly oppose Proposition 1, an effective “triple-tax” to the Travis County taxpayers by increasing federal, state and county spending.

Proposition 1 was designed and is being sold as the solution for affordable health care for the citizens of Travis County by increasing property taxes through the already-established Travis County Hospital District.  This $4.1 billion medical school project has been touted as a boon to Austin’s economy which will, supposedly, increase access to healthcare and prevent a shortage of physicians in the future.  In fact, this new tax will support further bureaucratic spending and increase the bloodletting of the taxpayer by incrementally and unfairly placing the burden of a state-sponsored medical school with unneeded, local taxpayer dollars.  Any additional jobs would be temporary or governmental in their very nature.  Additionally, the rush for federal “matching funds” ties Travis County to the ever-increasing national debt.

Responsible leadership mandates responsible management of our tax dollars.  In a time of increasing assessed values of property, increased water and electrical utility costs, inflation of consumable goods, increased gas prices and looming default of municipalities and counties nationwide due to unrestrained spending, enough is enough.  Travis County property owners are exhausted from the endless “investments in the future” which have never paid off.

Although the members of the Union are not strictly opposed to a medical school in Austin, we agree that Travis County should not be in the business of doling out hard-earned taxpayer income and thereby disproportionally paying into a losing investment.

Let the private investors, philanthropists and multi-billion dollar institutions and the State of Texas invest in the future of one more medical school.  Leave Travis County’s citizens out.

NOTE:  Dr. David Berry will present the case against Proposition 1 at the Wed., Oct. 10th noon Forum on Prop 1 at the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse.

For more information, contact
ROGER FALK, 512-258-5953,, TCTU Advisor and Analyst
Don Zimmerman, 512-577-8842,, TCTU SPAC Treasurer

The Travis County Taxpayers Union,, was created in 2012 to represent the political interest of Travis County taxpayers.


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  1. David Raines

    We do not need a wasteful research hospital or any additional taxes.