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Travis County Taxpayers Union SPAC

13492 Research Blvd, #120-141

Austin, TX 78750

Because the TCTU SPAC only campaigns on ballot measures, all Corporate and Company checks are acceptable, and NOT tax deductible.

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5 Responses

  1. Edward Fudman, M.D.

    I mailed a small check but didn’t include a note with the info that you needed. Occupation is physician , employer is self.

    You may be interested to know that in my conversations with other physicians there is almost universal opposition to the tax increase for a medical school. Doctors aren’t against the medical school but don’t want it funded in part through local property taxes. The 400 who signed the letter are not representative– most are economically tied to Seton in some way, either employed by one of the Seton physician practices, or are hospital-based at Seton facilities and contract with Seton (pathology, radiology, anesthesiology, emergency medicine), or are ARC physicians. ARC has joint ventures with Seton. Some who signed the letter didn’t even realize they were supporting a tax increase, they thought they were expressing support for the medical school.

  2. Michael Lee

    I hope you have got all theAustin Neighborhood Associaitons on board. And actually a red alert needs to go out to all renters. Their rents Will GO UP! They need to be acutely aware. Where are the 11 other counties who were in the origianal legislation?. Why don’t we elect the board members? What is their plan? We’ll take your money but trust us? This is taxation without representation.

  3. Hunter

    I’m happy to donate but first I want to have some assurance we don’t stop with Prop 1. We have to continue to fight to get a referendum on next years ballot to get rid of Central Health. End this boondoggle once and for all. Of course, getting rid of this bloodsucker won’t get rid of the tax, because that will just go back to the city and county. We will at least be rid of one ineffective, illegitimate and corrupt bureaucracy. No, we then have to take our fight to the Legislature and either have the hospital distinct law repealed or at least amended to exclude illegals. Stop free emergency room care for illegals too, if this is indeed the major cause of operational losses of our hospitals. If you can promise me the fight will go on I will be happy to support your cause.

  4. Albert Van Kleeck

    I will be sending a check to assist with the fight against this misrepresented proposition. An increase of 63% in my property taxes will effectively tax me out of my home.

  5. avktx

    I cannot figure out how to email you guys so I will just post a new comment and maybe you will get my message. I guess by the end of the year homeowners in Travis County can just turn over their entire paycheck every week to prop 1 taxes, new school taxes and whatever else our city fathers can conger up to get into our wallets. I have had enough. I am putting my home on the market by end of Summer and fleeing this state! It appears to be a no win situation here. Soon the city will be owned by developers and UT.

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