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Oct. 10th, 2017, 12 noon

WHAT: Public Press Conference announcing AISD $Billion Bond opposition campaigns
WHERE: LBJ High School, 7309 Lazy Creek
Drive, Austin, TX 78724
WHEN: Tuesday, October 10 at 12 noon





Press Advisory — Travis County Taxpayers Union rally and press conference at Randall’s, Braker Lane & 183.  HD-50 State Rep candidate Michael Cargill joins voices against Austin’s extravagant, special interest Bond.

Mr. Cargill asks, “Are we trying to line the pockets of construction companies or educate our kids?”

TCTU members Roger Falk and Don Zimmerman are calling out high dollar corporate contributors, asking whether big donors like Pfluger Associates Architects ($10,000 donors) are first in line for lucrative contracts, and asking why the SPAC “Committee for Austin’s Children” received $10,000 of “in-kind” corporate contributions before the Committee was filed with the Austin ISD — a probable violation of TEC rules.

Don Zimmerman, treasurer of TCTU SPAC, says, “Ethics Commission rules are clear that before $500 can be raised or spent on a campaign, a ‘form STA’ Campaign Treasurer Appointment must be made.  The ‘Committee for Austin’s Children’ STA was filed on 13-Feb-2013, a week after it received $10,000 of polling data services from ‘Customer Research International’.  This Committee identified its purpose as ‘Supporting Props 1,2,3,4’ on May 11th — nearly two weeks before the AISD trustees voted to have that election on that date.  Then, this same ‘Committee for Austin’s Children’ failed to file a 30-day campaign report due April 11th, telling the Statesman it had not raised or spent $500, so it wasn’t required to file.  In fact, ‘Vote 4 Our Kids” PAC shows over $28,000 of contributions from Jan 30th to March 21st, to ‘Committee for Austin’s Children’ SPAC, none of which was reported by that SPAC.  This reeks of skirting campaign finance disclosure rules, which is the dirty work of unscrupulous lawyers — possibly the same ones seeking no-bid contract profits from the Bonds, at taxpayer’s expense.”

Others opposed to the Bond will distribute flyers and ask voters to reject the wasteful spending in Bonds that contribute nothing to education for AISD kids.

WHAT: Rally & Press Conference against Austin ISD Bond on first morning of early voting

WHEN: Monday, Apr 29th, 10:30 AM.

WHERE: Randall’s early voting site, Braker Lane at US 183 near arboretum





Press Advisory — Travis County Taxpayers Union supports School Choice Forum Jan 9th, 11:30 – 1PM, at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, off RR 620 in western Travis County.

The forum formal is for each side to get 3 minutes of opening and closing comments; each side will submit three questions in advance, and the moderator will determine other details of the forum’s format.  The event is open to the public; RSVPs must be received for those who would like to have lunch at the forum.

NOTE: We need an accurate RSVP count to prepare lunch. Lunch is $11 for RFC-TC members, and $15 for non-members. You may attend WITHOUT eating lunch – if you want to RSVP and NOT have lunch please indicate so.

WHAT: Forum/debate, for and against school choice legislative intitatives in the 2013 session.

WHEN: Wed., Jan 9th: doors open at 11:30, program begins at 12:15, ends promptly at 1 PM.

WHERE: Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, off RR 620 up the hill from the Lake Travis dam.

WHY: Learn more about legislative proposals that could be making national political news this year.  Forum presenters will be available for media questions and comments.

For more information and for RSVPs: Contact Jeffry Lane,, (512) 981-7519

RFC-TC monthly luncheon: Forum on School Choice State Legislation

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2013, 11:30 AM

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse
5424 Steiner Ranch Blvd Austin, TX

9 RFC Supporters Went

Join the Republican Freedom Coalition of Travis County monthly luncheon at the beautiful Steiner Ranch Steakhouse (just off R.R. 620) which overlooks Lake Travis.This month we are planning a FORUM on the school choice issue, as legislation for “Taxpayer Savings Grants”, more charter schools, various voucher plans and other such changes are being s…

Check out this Meetup →

The Travis County Taxpayers Union was established in 2012 to represent the best interests of Travis County Taxpayers against special public and private interests seeking subsidies at the taxpayer’s expense.




Travis County Taxpayer’s Union announces grassroots rally:

Prop 1 opponents support federal lawsuit against illegal Prop 1 ballot language, Nov 14th, 1:45 PM, Federal Courthouse

WHAT: Rally at Federal Courthouse supporting lawsuit against illegal Prop 1 ballot language
WHERE: Federal Courthouse, 200 West 8th Street (downtown Austin)
WHEN: Nov 14th, 1:45 PM
WHY: Urge judge to block official canvassing of Prop 1 election results because of illegal ballot language, and demand new election with legal ballot language.



Travis County Taxpayers Union: New UT Report from Dr. Ronald Stewart of UT Health Science Center in S.A. Demolishes Prop 1 Propaganda of “Doctor Shortage”

Nov 4, 2012; Austin, TX —

TCTU SPAC Treasurer Don Zimmerman made the following remark concerning a recently released UT study which makes the opposite conclusion from the “doctor shortage” argument made by the special interest, corporately funded Prop 1 campaign: “UT’s ‘Number of Doctors in Texas Booming’ report could have come at a better time – like this past summer when the undisclosed corporate campaign machine ‘’ began it’s ‘doctor shortage’ propaganda”. But at least it came out days before Nov. 6th, instead of days after”.

THE REPORT PUBLISHED ON WOAI Radio’s website is below:

A new report shows the number of physicians in Texas has grown twice as fast as the increase in the state’s general population in the nine years since health care lawsuit reforms were approved by the voters in 2003, 1200 WOAI news reports.

The spike in physicians is especially strong in Central Texas, in the cities of Austin and San Antonio, according to Dr. Ronald Stewart of the U.T. Health Science Center in San Antonio, the lead author of the report.

In 2003, the citizens approved controversial measures designed to decrease junk lawsuits against physicians, hospitals, and health care groups, and Dr. Howard Marcus, who heads the Texas Alliance for Patient Access, says the numbers show it’s working.

“This is just one more piece of evidence to verify what we’ve been observing for years,” he said. “Texas’ 2003 reforms have kept their promise. Sick and injured Texans today have more physicians to see when they need medical care.”

Stewart says this means more physicians to provide treatment to indigent patients, and more doctors to deal with the increasing demands of Obamacare when Health Care Reform is fully implemented, bringing as many as 30 million new patients into the primary care system.

The increase in the number of doctors is greatest in the specialties which are needed the most, including general medicine and surgery.

The increase in doctors is making more treatment options available for patients, and holding down health care costs. Stewart says 52% of hospitals report being able to expand emergency or specialized services due to more physician call availably or physicians’ willingness to expand their practice.



Number of Doctors in Texas Booming


Travis County Taxpayers Union highlights TPPF findings on excessive local government spending


Oct 30th, 2012

Austin, TX —

TCTU Analyst Bob Parmalee has compiled important information on local spending.
New data released by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, through the efforts
of Talmadge Heflin, Director for Fiscal Policy, reveals that Travis County
is now the highest taxed county in Texas. Bob Parmelee, an analyst for the
Travis County Taxpayers Union, suggests Austin and Travis County sank into
this abyss as a result of derelict spending by local governments and by a
series of bond issue follies approved by an electorate systematically
misinformed by special interests. “Austin’s exorbitant property taxes crush
our most vulnerable citizens in poor and middle class neighborhoods in the
form of increased rents,” Parmelee said. “Many who loyally cast rubber stamp
votes for local tax and waste politicians have been deceived. Perhaps the
most egregious example of wasteful spending is the Cap-Metro ‘mass transit’
system in which Austin taxpayers now provide a yearly $20,000 subsidy per

Peggy Venable, the Texas Chairman of the Americans for Prosperity, views the
new report with alarm. She said, “Travis County politicians have gone wild
spending and incurring debt.  We at AFP have long been concerned about the
rapid increase in property taxes all over Texas, but Austin and Travis
County are the worst.  Property taxes based on appraisals end up taxing
unrealized values and ultimately drive many homeowners into foreclosure and
out of their homes.”  Ms Venable added, “Local officials seem to be hiding
behind the skirts of appraisers who have raised Travis County property
values to the highest level in Texas as pointed out in the TPPF study. This
allows politicians to raise taxes without technically increasing taxation

The chairman of the Del Valle Community Coalition, Richard Franklin made the
following impassioned observation after reading the TPPF report. “We live in
a modern day tale of two realities. One is occupied by those who have and
have no problem paying more and asking others to pay more, so they can say
they live in a progressive utopia.  They provide incentives and rebates to
any and all, to show how progressive they are, with no thought given to the
devastating effects their vanity projects and other extravagances have on
the Have Nots, the low to moderate income folk, and the folks on fixed
incomes.  The Have Nots live in another reality, struggling to make ends
meet, deciding what necessity is needed the least.  The Have Nots pay a
larger percent of their incomes by far that the Haves, yet there appears to
be neither compassion nor empathy for the plight of the less fortunate.
Growth has not paid for itself In Travis County and Austin while costs
(taxes and energy) continue to rise, driving the heart and soul out of the
very culture that makes our community unique.”

Rosemary Edwards, Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party, laments
that Austin’s problems are not limited to excessive taxation. “Excessive
energy costs are also crippling household budgets due to an unwarranted love
affair with unaffordable (solar) energy and lack of fiscal discipline.  In
January, an Austin Statesman analysis found “an estimated $150 million to
$180 million in annual spending by Austin Energy unrelated to generating or
selling electricity. Moreover the Austin City Council has smuggled between
$50 and $80 million of city spending into Austin Energy’s budget. This
allows uncontrolled city spending to be dishonestly presented as energy rate
increases rather than additional tax hikes.”

The bottom line, according to Don Zimmerman, Founder and Treasurer of Travis
County Taxpayers Union SPAC, is that voters have only way one to truly be
heard when it comes to the unsustainable spending we now suffer: Voters must
reject all spending increases and every single bond issue.  Zimmerman says,
“We have to vote against Proposition 1’s outrageous 63% property tax rate
increase, in which special corporate interests demand higher, unaffordable
local property taxes on the backs of poor Austin homeowners, small business
owners, and even renters.  For the first time, taxes are no longer a
partisan issue – it is now those profiting from taxes, versus those paying
unaffordable tax bills. ”



For more information, contact:

Bob Parmelee, 512-635-4276,





October 26, 2012


Hearing scheduled in Travis County Taxpayers Union VRA taxpayer suit against Proposition 1


AUSTIN, TX—Today the federal district court in Austin set an injunction hearing for the Proposition 1

challenge which, if successful, will stop the votes from being officially certified—a process called

“canvassing”—and prevent Proposition 1 from being implemented during the duration of the lawsuit.

The hearing is set for the week after the election.  At this time, the hearing is not expected to be

held prior to voting on November 6th.


Don Zimmerman, Treasure of the Travis County Taxpayer’s Union SPAC (TCTU), believes this is

a positive development.  “When the Health District decided to put this language on the ballot at

the proverbial 11th hour, it required us quickly challenge the issue. Now that we have a day in court,

we are confident that the voice of the Travis County taxpayers will be heard. Government groups like

the District are supposed to be neutral on the ballot, and in this instance they were not.

We believe the illegal advocacy language the District added to the ballot will be recognized and

the District will be prevented from counting Proposition 1. ”


Zimmerman refers to language the District added beyond what the law permits, language that promotes

the ballot Proposition. The proposition is printed below, with the extra language in bold-face type.


Approving the ad valorem tax rate of $0.129 per $100 valuation in Central Health, also known as the

Travis County Healthcare District, for the 2013 tax year, a rate that exceeds the district’s rollback

tax rate. The proposed ad valorem tax rate exceeds the ad valorem tax rate most recently adopted by

the district by $0.05 per $100 valuation;  funds will be used for improved healthcare in Travis County, including support for anew medical school consistent with the mission of Central Health, a site for a new teaching hospital, trauma services, specialty medicine such as cancer care,

community-wide health clinics, training for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, primary care, behavioral and mental healthcare, prevention and

wellness programs, and/or to obtain federal matching funds for healthcare services.


“This isn’t a bond, where the District needs to explain what plans it has for the taxes and can spend it as long as the voters agree with the reason. This is a pure property tax increase, so the District is expressly

limited by law to spend money only for the legal reason it was created: providing medical services to the poor and indigent. No extra ballot language is necessary because the statute is clear. All of the rhetoric on the ballot is a deceptive attempt by the District to get people in favor of the proposition,” Zimmerman added.


Media inquiries  can be directed to the plaintiffs’ attorney, Stephen Casey, by phone at 512-949-7818, or via email at



Press Release:  Travis County Taxpayer’s Union (TCTU) responds to Central Health’s political campaign response against St. David’s rejection of Prop 1.  

Oct 25th,  Austin, TX —

The TCTU fully concurs with St. Davids characterization of Prop 1 as “a shell game”.  We define the Prop 1 “shell game” as a “tax grab deceivingly cloaked as a medical school and hospital”.

Over the past year, a corporately funded professional campaign that puts the ‘prop’ in propaganda has methodically sewn the seeds of a scheme to extract over one million dollars a week from local property owners.  It misled voters into believing prop 1 bought a medical school and hospital; which it doesn’t.  It made exaggerated claims of jobs and economic activity, but omitted they were overblown and wouldn’t materialize for decades.  It claimed a magic federal funding machine – drop a $1 in and out comes $2.64, but omitted the funding isn’t guaranteed, is dependent on performance and has less than a four year shelf life.  It claimed a ‘silver tsunami’ doctor shortage, but omitted the study behind the claim included 10 other counties that, unlike Travis (best rating in Texas), have serious shortages and don’t contribute any taxes to Central Health.  It made claims that Travis has the “lowest health district tax rate” even after the tax increase, but ommitted the fact that Travis is already the highest taxed metro county in Texas, with more doctors per capita than any other county – with NO medical school and the lowest health district tax rate.  It made claims of “improved healthcare for all”, but omitted exactly how it actually does that.  It made promises to resolve the uninsured in the emergency room, but omitted they used that same promise before to raise taxes.  “Shell Game, Tax Grab”?  Proponents have spun a web of deception and exaggeration that should have Travis county voters sharpening pitchforks and lighting torches.

TCTU is also concerned that Central Health has violated the basic tenants of transparency and open meetings rule.  Much of their planning and scheming has taken place behind closed doors (in “executive session” and ‘off the record’).  These are activities funded by the taxpayer and it’s incumbent upon Central Health to be open and aboveboard in their activities.

Members of TCTU are also objecting to Central Health (CH) using their taxpayer-funded bureaucracy to issue political statements against St. David’s public opposition to Proposition 1.  The Texas Election Code, Title 15, Part 255, sections .003 and .031, state that “public funds” cannot be used in “political advertising”.

Says TCTU SPAC Treasurer Don Zimmerman, “CH is using ‘public funds’  – taxpayer money – to make a political response to St. David’s public remarks against Prop 1, through employee hours and use of e-mail facilities.  Under the guise of ‘information’ or ‘education’, CH states:   …To fulfill its mission of creating access to care for those who need it most, Central Health is asking Travis County voters to raise additional tax revenues that are essential to expand healthcare services and improve the long-term health of Travis County residents…  Such use of public funds to make advocacy messages violate the Elections Code and voter’s sense of fairness.  This political response to St. David’s Prop 1 opposition should have been done by the Keep Austin Healthy PAC.  We call on CH to cease and desist using public resources to campaign for Prop 1”

As further evidence that it is the CH taxpayer funded bureaucracy spearheading the pro-Prop 1 campaign, instead of the “Keep Austin Healthy PAC”,  CH responded to St. David’s statement against Prop 1 in a publicly distributed e-mail.

TEC Title 15 255.003 and .031 were intended to stop taxpayer funded bureaucracies from having an unfair advantage  in elections.   By saying Prop 1’s “additional tax revenues” are “essential”,  they advertise, or advocate, instead of being neutral as bureaucracies are required by law to be.

Says TCTU Analyst and Communcations Director Roger Falk, “The TCTU, in opposition to Prop 1, argues it’s “essential” to NOT raise taxes because too many Travis taxpayers already can’t afford their taxes, and CH may not be legally able to fulfill its campaign promises in the Prop 1 ballot language.  CH must not use taxpayer money to advertise the opposite message.”

For more information, contact Roger Falk,  512-258-5953,



Texas Election Code Title 15

Sec. 255.003.  UNLAWFUL USE OF PUBLIC FUNDS FOR POLITICAL ADVERTISING.  (a)  An officer or employee of a political subdivision may not knowingly spend or authorize the spending of public funds for political advertising.

(b)  Subsection (a) does not apply to a communication that factually describes the purposes of a measure if the communication does not advocate passage or defeat of the measure.

(b-1)  An officer or employee of a political subdivision may not spend or authorize the spending of public funds for a communication describing a measure if the communication contains information that:

(1)  the officer or employee knows is false; and

(2)  is sufficiently substantial and important as to be reasonably likely to influence a voter to vote for or against the measure.

(c)  A person who violates Subsection (a) or (b-1) commits an offense.  An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor……..


Sec. 255.0031.  UNLAWFUL USE OF INTERNAL MAIL SYSTEM FOR POLITICAL ADVERTISING.  (a)  An officer or employee of a state agency or political subdivision may not knowingly use or authorize the use of an internal mail system for the distribution of political advertising.

(b)  Subsection (a) does not apply to:

(1)  the use of an internal mail system to distribute political advertising that is delivered to the premises of a state agency or political subdivision through the United States Postal Service;  or

(2)  the use of an internal mail system by a state agency or municipality to distribute political advertising that is the subject of or related to an investigation, hearing, or other official proceeding of the agency or municipality.

(c)  A person who violates this section commits an offense.  An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.




Central Health EMAIL, on official CH bureaucracy website:


Below we share the press release we’ve prepared in response to the [St. David’s] letter [against Prop 1]: 


Central Health Executives and Board of Managers were surprised and disappointed yesterday to receive a letter from St. David’s HealthCare President & CEO David Huffstutler declaring an end to a discussion about their involvement in the development of a new healthcare delivery system to serve the uninsured in Travis County. The letter and the position stated by St. David’s HealthCare are based on a misunderstanding of the complex and far reaching efforts to improve the health of Travis County.


To fulfill its mission of creating access to care for those who need it most, Central Health is asking Travis County voters to raise additional tax revenues that are essential to expand healthcare services and improve the long-term health of Travis County residents.


“We thank St. David’s for bringing attention to the fact that the issue is about more than just a new medical school and a new teaching hospital,” Central Health President & CEO Patricia A. Young Brown said. “We urge everyone to consider that our local support for the services a medical school can provide is only one component, albeit highly visible, of a full range of projects and programs aimed at improving the health of those who do not have access to care, and ultimately of our entire community. Our plans address the expansion of healthcare services to low income uninsured residents.”


The letter includes many statements with which Central Health disagrees. Central Health perceives that there has been a significant misunderstanding on the part of St. David’s. For example, St. David’s CEO says there are no opportunities available to participate in the 1115 Medicaid Waiver under the same or similar conditions as Seton. That is not true. Central Health and other partners have attempted to work with St. David’s for many months to bring them into the discussion regarding the development of the integrated delivery system, Community Care Collaborative (CCC), and the Medicaid Waiver. St. David’s participation in this unprecedented community effort is needed. However, true partnership is not possible without commitment, and this includes bringing financial resources to the table.


Because Central Health is investing significant public tax dollars, the agency must maintain a majority interest in the CCC in order to protect the interests of the taxpayers. A basic premise established at the beginning of the discussions regarding development of the CCC was that all participating partners contribute resources to its development. St. David’s maintains that their indigent care services meet this requirement, thus entitling them to additional funding from this effort. However, Central Health and Seton are both contributing significant resources: tax dollars from Central Health and $250 million from Seton to build a new teaching hospital to replace the current University Medical Center Brackenridge, as well as funding of graduate medical education. Seton provides valued indigent care services and is adding to that commitment with funding of new assets for the benefit of the community.


“The expectation of true partners is full commitment to the program and the change it will bring,” Brown said.


These initiatives under development are all reliant upon funds derived from what’s known as the Section 1115 Medicaid Transformation Waiver. In brief, under the 1115 Waiver the federal government will match $1.46 for every $1 raised locally, which will fund approved projects after they meet measurable objectives to transform the healthcare delivery system. The passage of Proposition 1 will allow our community to bring the maximum amount of federal funds available back to our own community.


St. David’s opposition is difficult to understand, because without the passage of an increase in Central Health’s tax rate, there are little to no local funds available to participate in the 1115 waiver. The additional tax revenue is necessary to draw down the significant federal funds available for our community. Otherwise, money is left on the table.


The 15 Travis County projects submitted in the first round 1115 Waiver funding include healthcare service delivery expansion and improvements in primary care, specialty care, and behavioral health services—all for low-income un- and underinsured residents of Travis County. These are not projects that will fund either graduate medical education or the medical school. Descriptions of these projects are available to the public at 


It is the wish and intent of Central Health to encourage St. David’s to rejoin the discussion in order to fulfill our vision to plan and deliver more cost effective and comprehensive health care for those most in need in our community.


Supplemental Materials

Download a PDF of this press release









PRESS/MEDIA ADVISORY – Coalition of Austin Groups, Citizens Oppose Proposition  1

WHAT: Press Conference of coalition of citizens opposing Proposition 1, the 63% property tax rate increase for Med School and other expansions of bureaucratically controlled healthcare.

WHEN: Thurs., Oct 18th (2012), 11:30 AM

WHERE: 2323 South Lamar at Bluebonnet (parking lot at corner)

WHY: Individuals are available to media for questions/comments.


Release October 18th, 2012    7:00 AM

Austin, TX — For years Austin and Travis County have passed bonds and tax increases while not delivering on the promised benefits to the community nor giving full disclosure.

Groups uniting against Proposition 1, the Medical School Tax, include Texans for Accountable Government, Travis County Taxpayer Union, former City Council candidates and individual citizen activists.

Speakers will include former City Council candidate Dr. Laura Pressley, former Mayoral candidate Clay Dafoe, natural remedies advocate Juanita Stiles, citizen activist Robert Morrow, former City Council candidate Shaun Ireland and Travis County Taxpayers Union Treasurer Don Zimmerman.

Texans for Accountable Government member and former Mayoral candidate Clay Dafoe believes that, “The ‘med school’ tax is another egregious instance of using local government force taxpayers to subsidize elite corporate interests. This atrocity against our citizens will economically hurt families and small businesses.”

Don Zimmerman, Treasurer of the Travis County Taxpayers Union SPAC, commented that,
“ may have spent over $100,000 on a non-disclosed ‘study’ claiming exaggerated jobs and economic growth from a poorly-defined Medical Center plan, along with mail and media propaganda citing the study, to advance Kirk Watson’s multi-billion dollar scheme tied to Prop 1’s 63% tax increase.” Zimmerman adds, “By using all the talking points of Prop 1, but omitting ‘Vote for Prop 1’, they are skirting campaign finance laws which require disclosure. We now ask for disclosure”.

Citizen of northwest Austin Sharon Blythe adds that, “I would be opposed to any new tax increase for anything in Austin because I am going to be forced to move out of the city because my property taxes and utility bills are going up. “


Likewise, TCTU media liaison Roger Falk describes the proposition as a “smoke screen for a tax grab that will help to fund the empire of Central Health. Because the smoke screen is that they have misled
the voters in Travis County to believe that implementing the proposition will buy a medical school, bring 15,000 jobs and $2,000,000,000.00 to Travis County. It is all a big lie.”

WHAT: Press Conference of coalition of citizens opposing Proposition 1, the 63% property tax rate increase for Med School and other expansions of bureaucratically controlled healthcare.

WHEN: Thurs., Oct 18th (2012), 11:30 AM

WHERE: 2323 South Lamar at Bluebonnet (parking lot at corner)

WHY: Individuals are available to media for questions/comments.


Clay Dafoe, Texans for Accountable Government, (512) 767-4043

Don Zimmerman, Travis County Taxpayers Union, (512) 577-8842




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Physicians Oppose Prop 1 “Healthcare” 63% Local Property Tax Increase to Subsidize Med School

October 3, 2012.

Austin, TX —  A concerned group of Travis County community members, including numerous locally-renowned physicians, have joined the Travis County Taxpayer Union in publicly denouncing Proposition 1.  David L. Berry M.D., David T. Butler, M.D., Mark D. Akin, M.D., Paul S. Bushart, M.D., and numerous other physicians who wish to remain anonymous, staunchly oppose Proposition 1, an effective “triple-tax” to the Travis County taxpayers by increasing federal, state and county spending.

Proposition 1 was designed and is being sold as the solution for affordable health care for the citizens of Travis County by increasing property taxes through the already-established Travis County Hospital District.  This $4.1 billion medical school project has been touted as a boon to Austin’s economy which will, supposedly, increase access to healthcare and prevent a shortage of physicians in the future.  In fact, this new tax will support further bureaucratic spending and increase the bloodletting of the taxpayer by incrementally and unfairly placing the burden of a state-sponsored medical school with unneeded, local taxpayer dollars.  Any additional jobs would be temporary or governmental in their very nature.  Additionally, the rush for federal “matching funds” ties Travis County to the ever-increasing national debt.

Responsible leadership mandates responsible management of our tax dollars.  In a time of increasing assessed values of property, increased water and electrical utility costs, inflation of consumable goods, increased gas prices and looming default of municipalities and counties nationwide due to unrestrained spending, enough is enough.  Travis County property owners are exhausted from the endless “investments in the future” which have never paid off.

Although the members of the Union are not strictly opposed to a medical school in Austin, we agree that Travis County should not be in the business of doling out hard-earned taxpayer income and thereby disproportionally paying into a losing investment.

Let the private investors, philanthropists and multi-billion dollar institutions and the State of Texas invest in the future of one more medical school.  Leave Travis County’s citizens out.

NOTE:  Dr. David Berry will present the case against Proposition 1 at the Wed., Oct. 10th noon Forum on Prop 1 at the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse.

For more information, contact
ROGER FALK, 512-258-5953,, TCTU Advisor and Analyst
Don Zimmerman, 512-577-8842,, TCTU SPAC Treasurer

The Travis County Taxpayers Union,, was created in 2012 to represent the political interest of Travis County taxpayers.



Press Advisory — Travis County Taxpayers Union joins Proposition 1 (63% tax rate increase) Forum, moderated by Mary Ann Roser of the Austin American-Statesman

Austin, TX – A moderated forum on Proposition 1 is scheduled for Wed., Oct. 10th at the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse off RR 620 in western Travis County.

The Travis County Taxpayers Union SPAC has asked Dr. David Berry, a practicing Oby-Gyn with a high-risk pregnancy specialty business in Austin, to argue against Prop 1. The Keep Austin Healthy SPAC has asked Ryan Downton, an attorney and former Republican HD-47 Candidate, to argue for Prop 1. Each speaker will submit three questions in advance, and the moderator will determine other details of the forum’s format. The event is open to the public; RSVPs must be received for those who would like to have lunch at the forum.

NOTE: We need an accurate RSVP count to prepare lunch. Lunch is $11 for RFC-TC members, and $15 for non-members. You may attend WITHOUT eating lunch – if you want to RSVP and NOT have lunch please indicate so.

WHAT: Forum/debate, for and against the Travis County Prop 1 63% property tax increase

WHEN: Wed., Oct 10th: doors open at 11:30, program begins at 12:15, ends promptly at 1 PM.

WHERE: Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, off RR 620 up the hill from the Lake Travis dam.

WHY: Learn more about the significant tax increase and new government spending it will leverage, and be an informed voter. Forum presenters will be available for media questions and comments.

For more information and for RSVPs: Contact Jeffry Lane,, (512) 981-7519

Event moderator: Mary Ann Roser, Statesman medical reporter,, 512-445-3619


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    I think Kirk Watson should put term limits on the november ballet, and see if that would pass!!
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