Press Release: UT Reports “Number of Doctors in Texas Booming”

Travis County Taxpayers Union: New UT Report from Dr. Ronald Stewart of UT Health Science Center in S.A. Demolishes Prop 1 Propaganda of “Doctor Shortage”

Nov 4, 2012;   Austin, TX —

TCTU SPAC Treasurer Don Zimmerman made the following remark concerning a recently released UT study which makes the opposite conclusion from the “doctor shortage” argument made by the special interest, corporately funded Prop 1 campaign:   “UT’s ‘Number of Doctors in Texas Booming’ report could have come at a better time – like this past summer when the undisclosed corporate campaign machine ‘’ began it’s ‘doctor shortage’ propaganda”.  But at least it came out days before Nov. 6th, instead of days after”.

THE REPORT PUBLISHED ON WOAI Radio’s website is below:

A new report shows the number of physicians in Texas has grown twice as fast as the increase in the state’s general population in the nine years since health care lawsuit reforms were approved by the voters in 2003, 1200 WOAI news reports.

The spike in physicians is especially strong in Central Texas, in the cities of Austin and San Antonio, according to Dr. Ronald Stewart of the U.T. Health Science Center in San Antonio, the lead author of the report.

In 2003, the citizens approved controversial measures designed to decrease junk lawsuits against physicians, hospitals, and health care groups, and Dr. Howard Marcus, who heads the Texas Alliance for Patient Access, says the numbers show it’s working.

“This is just one more piece of evidence to verify what we’ve been observing for years,” he said. “Texas’ 2003 reforms have kept their promise. Sick and injured Texans today have more physicians to see when they need medical care.”

Stewart says this means more physicians to provide treatment to indigent patients, and more doctors to deal with the increasing demands of Obamacare when Health Care Reform is fully implemented, bringing as many as 30 million new patients into the primary care system.

The increase in the number of doctors is greatest in the specialties which are needed the most, including general medicine and surgery.

The increase in doctors is making more treatment options available for patients, and holding down health care costs. Stewart says 52% of hospitals report being able to expand emergency or specialized services due to more physician call availably or physicians’ willingness to expand their practice.



Number of Doctors in Texas Booming



More Prop 1 News, and final STOP THE BLEEDING Rally and Poll Working last day of early voting

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BREAKING NEWS! St. David’s calls Prop 1 “Shell Game”; Media Reports, TV debates

JOIN THE BI-PARTISAN effort to defeat Prop 1!

The Prop 1 campaign is a contest between Republicans and Democrats seeking profit from higher property taxes, versus Republicans and Democrats (and Libertarians) who pay the taxes.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, there is big news with St. David’s breaking ranks and now opposing Prop 1.  St. David’s CEO correctly labels property tax increase and private/public cost shifting, to primarily benefit Seton, “a shell game”:

St. Davids Healthcare Objects to Prop 1

Roger Falk, TCTU Analyst and Communications Director, debated former Austin Mayor Carol Strayhorn:

FOX 7 TV Debate: TCTU’s Roger Falk vs. Carol Strayhorn Clip

Also, the lawsuit against illegal Proposition 1 Ballot Language has been amended, and a phone conference is scheduled for Friday at 2:00 PM; we hope to get a HEARING scheduled at that 2 PM conference.

KUT news story on VRA lawsuit against illegal/promotional Prop 1 Ballot Language


Please contribute TODAY – we have a real chance to DEFEAT PROP 1 and assert fiscal sanity against out of control politicians and bureaucrats…  $100 buys a 30 second spot for our TV ad!


Stop the Bleeding 30 second TV ad:

TV ad





TCTU Prop 1 Opposition in News – PLUS, TV ad campaign, and Yard Signs!

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!  Please CONTRIBUTE today so we can spread the TRUTH on Prop 1. We are the taxpayer’s “David”.  We’re fighting a special interest political Goliath that misleads voters on Prop 1!


For those who missed our Press Conference/Rally, please review these reports!


FOX 7:




ALERT!  TCTU is running this TV ad and we’re asking for SPAC Donations to expand the ad to all stations in more news time slots:


Please donate TODAY:


YARD SIGNS ARE AVAILABLE if you call these people, closest to your area.

US183 and Oak Knoll area:   Mark Wallace, 335-4399

Parmer Lane and McNeil:   Scott Prevratil, 249-9021

US183 & Mopac / Arboretum area:   Larry Garrett, 346-9735

RR 620 and 2222 area:   Carla Robertson, 258-2321

South Austin,:  Barbara Collins,  291-0426


Best regards, Don Zimmerman 577-8842






PRESS ADVISORY – Coalition of Austin Groups Rally against Prop 1: Oct. 18th, 11:30AM

PRESS/MEDIA ADVISORY – Coalition of Austin Groups, Citizens Oppose Proposition 1

WHAT: Press Conference of coalition of citizens opposing Proposition 1, the 63% property tax rate increase for Med School and other expansions of bureaucratically controlled healthcare.

WHEN: Thurs., Oct 18th (2012), 11:30 AM

WHERE: 2323 South Lamar at Bluebonnet (parking lot at corner)

WHY: Individuals are available to media for questions/comments.

Release October 18th, 2012 7:00 AM

Austin, TX — For years Austin and Travis County have passed bonds and tax increases while not delivering on the promised benefits to the community nor giving full disclosure.

Groups uniting against Proposition 1, the Medical School Tax, include Texans for Accountable Government, Travis County Taxpayer Union, former City Council candidates and individual citizen activists.

Speakers will include former City Council candidate Dr. Laura Pressley, former Mayoral candidate Clay Dafoe, natural remedies advocate Juanita Stiles, citizen activist Robert Morrow, former City Council candidate Shaun Ireland and Travis County Taxpayers Union Treasurer Don Zimmerman.

Texans for Accountable Government member and former Mayoral candidate Clay Dafoe believes that, “The ‘med school’ tax is another egregious instance of using local government force taxpayers to subsidize elite corporate interests. This atrocity against our citizens will economically hurt families and small businesses.”

Don Zimmerman, Treasurer of the Travis County Taxpayers Union SPAC, commented that,
“ may have spent over $100,000 on a non-disclosed ‘study’ claiming exaggerated jobs and economic growth from a poorly-defined Medical Center plan, along with mail and media propaganda citing the study, to advance Kirk Watson’s multi-billion dollar scheme tied to Prop 1’s 63% tax increase.” Zimmerman adds, “By using all the talking points of Prop 1, but omitting ‘Vote for Prop 1’, they are skirting campaign finance laws which require disclosure. We now ask for disclosure”.

Citizen of northwest Austin Sharon Blythe adds that, “I would be opposed to any new tax increase for anything in Austin because I am going to be forced to move out of the city because my property taxes and utility bills are going up. “

Likewise, TCTU media liaison Roger Falk describes the proposition as a “smoke screen for a tax grab that will help to fund the empire of Central Health. Because the smoke screen is that they have misled
the voters in Travis County to believe that implementing the proposition will buy a medical school, bring 15,000 jobs and $2,000,000,000.00 to Travis County. It is all a big lie.”

WHAT: Press Conference of coalition of citizens opposing Proposition 1, the 63% property tax rate increase for Med School and other expansions of bureaucratically controlled healthcare.

WHEN: Thurs., Oct 18th (2012), 11:30 AM

WHERE: 2323 South Lamar at Bluebonnet (parking lot at corner)

WHY: Individuals are available to media for questions/comments.


Clay Dafoe, Texans for Accountable Government, (512) 767-4043

Don Zimmerman, Travis County Taxpayers Union, (512) 577-8842



RSVP for Forum on Prop 1, Wed. Oct. 10th, noon luncheon – yard signs available

NOTE:  We expect to have yard signs against Prop 1 at this Wednesday, Oct 10th Forum – please RSVP today.

The Travis County Taxpayers Union SPAC has asked Dr. David Berry, a practicing Oby-Gyn with a high-risk pregnancy specialty business in Austin, to argue against Prop 1. The Keep Austin Healthy SPAC has asked Ryan Downton, an attorney and former Republican HD-47 Candidate, to argue for Prop 1. Each speaker will submit three questions in advance, and the moderator will determine other details of the forum’s format. The event is open to the public; RSVPs must be received for those who would like to have lunch at the forum.

NOTE: We need an accurate RSVP count to prepare lunch. Lunch is $11 for RFC-TC members, and $15 for non-members. You may attend WITHOUT eating lunch – if you want to RSVP and NOT have lunch please indicate so.

WHAT: Forum/debate, for and against the Travis County Prop 1 63% property tax increase

WHEN: Wed., Oct 10th: doors open at 11:30, program begins at 12:15, ends promptly at 1 PM.

WHERE: Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, off RR 620 up the hill from the Lake Travis dam.

WHY: Learn more about the significant tax increase and new government spending it will leverage, and be an informed voter. Forum presenters will be available for media questions and comments.

For more information and for RSVPs: Contact Jeffry Lane,, (512) 981-7519

Event moderator: Mary Ann Roser, Statesman medical reporter,, 512-445-3619


Physicians join TCTU opposing Prop 1’s unnecessary tax increase for med school




October 3, 2012

A concerned group of Travis County community members, including numerous locally-renowned physicians, have joined the Travis County Taxpayer Union in publicly denouncing Proposition 1.  David L. Berry M.D., David T. Butler, M.D., Mark D. Akin, M.D., Paul S. Bushart, M.D., and numerous other physicians, who wish to remain anonymous, staunchly oppose Proposition 1, an effective “triple-tax” to the Travis County taxpayers by increasing federal, state and county spending.

Proposition 1 was designed and is being sold as the solution for affordable health care for the citizens of Travis County by increasing property taxes through the already-established Travis County Hospital District.  This $4.1 billion medical school project has been touted as a boon to Austin’s economy which will, supposedly, increase access to healthcare and prevent a shortage of physicians in the future.  In fact, this new tax will support further bureaucratic spending and increase the bloodletting of the taxpayer by incrementally and unfairly placing the burden of a state-sponsored medical school with unneeded, local taxpayer dollars.  Any additional jobs would be temporary or governmental in their very nature.  Additionally, the rush for federal “matching funds” ties Travis County to the ever-increasing national debt.

Responsible leadership mandates responsible management of our tax dollars.  In a time of increasing assessed values of property, increased water and electrical utility costs, inflation of consumable goods, increased gas prices and looming default of municipalities and counties nationwide due to unrestrained spending, enough is enough.  Travis County property owners are exhausted from the endless “investments in the future” which have never paid off.

Although the members of the Union are not strictly opposed to a medical school in Austin, we agree that Travis County should not be in the business of doling out hard-earned taxpayer income and thereby disproportionally paying into a losing investment.

Let the private investors, philanthropists and multi-billion dollar institutions and the State of Texas invest in the future of one more medical school.  Leave Travis County’s citizens out.

NOTE:  Dr. David Berry will present the case against Proposition 1 at the Wed., Oct. 10th noon Forum on Prop 1 at the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse.

For more information, contact
ROGER FALK, 512-258-5953,, TCTU Advisor and Analyst
Don Zimmerman, 512-577-8842,, TCTU SPAC Treasurer

The Travis County Taxpayers Union,, was created in 2012 to represent the political interest of Travis County taxpayers.



Prop 1 “healthcare” 63% Tax Rate Increase is Unnecessary, Too Costly

[The following article was submitted to the Statesman, which made several omissions from the original]


Most Austinites agree that a modern city like ours should facilitate a healthcare safety net for indigent citizens. A century ago, such services were provided by private charitable groups, who opened the Seton Infirmary in 1902. Since then, an expanding tax and spend bureaucracy has taken control. “Government welfare has destroyed the charitable system which was far more effective, compassionate and more person to person in helping people”, according to Nobel Prize economist Dr. Milton Friedman. Texans have demonstrated true charity for generations, but constant expansion of taxation under the false flag of charity has now undermined charitable efforts.


Central Texans should be proud of their quality healthcare facilities and dedicated professionals. We’re served by over 30 hospitals, a network of clinics, and hundreds of private practitioners. Austin’s Brakenridge Hospital is state of the art and rated by OSHA as the safest top level trauma center in America. Visit the hospital and you will see – it’s not “crumbling”.

Texas has eight LCME accredited medical schools (the same as California); four controlled by the U.T. System. Moreover, a new (2009) medical school in Round Rock, formed without the precondition of increased property taxes, is already operating and expanding Central Texas healthcare.

Currently, A&M Health Sciences Center operates 12 central Texas teaching hospitals / clinical affiliates. The U.T. Southwestern Medical school teaching hospital branch at Brakenridge advertises numerous residency programs and currently has over a hundred medical students, and names a “Regional Dean”.

We also have the Austin Clinical Education Center (CEC), “a powerhouse academic collaboration creating an innovative approach to address education, training, and the current growing shortage of nursing, physicians and other skilled clinical personnel in Central Texas”. The CEC hosts over 200,000 function attendees a year. Austin Community College’s property tax increase funded their Health Sciences Division “number 1 trainer and retrainer for healthcare professionals”. Additionally, Austin’s U.T. School of Nursing – “one of the nations leading nursing schools”, operates two community based wellness centers.

Finally, Austin property owners already fund excellent indigent healthcare through Central Health, which receives over $100 million annually. It operates 21 Travis County healthcare centers; the gigantic new North Central Community Center recently opened, and another 70,000 square feet clinic opens in 2013.


Prop 1’s outrageous 63% Central Health tax increase cannot be justified. Travis county taxpayers, already carrying the highest per-capita burden of any metropolitan county in Texas, are suffering “death by a thousand cuts”, with our poor and elderly hardest hit. Many on fixed incomes sacrifice to fund ever increasing tax bills on their homes. East Austin ‘gentrification’ is literally taxing some residents out of their homes. This year alone, City and County property taxes are again rising substantially along with water and electricity rates. The Statesman recently reported that property tax bills increased 38% (adjusted for inflation) from 2000 – 2010.


Proponents promise “improved healthcare” and how “cancer patients won’t have to travel for treatment”; promises that ignore reality. Austin has six dedicated cancer centers that proclaim “advanced technologies offered by nobody else”, “the most advanced, patient-friendly cancer treatment available” and “the latest state-of-the art imaging and diagnostic technologies”. Still, some travel to world-renowned M.D. Anderson – as princes and billionaires the world over also do. To claim such travel will become unnecessary is laughable. To imply our local practitioners and facilities are sub-standard insults the dedicated professionals providing Austin’s outstanding health care.


Politicians claim this will ‘create jobs’ and economic activity. In reality, these promises are unsupported by demonstrated facts. With consistent growth and a 5-6% unemployment rate, Austin doesn’t have an employment problem which more taxes can solve. Claims of “billions in activity” omit much of that would be spent anyway, and most comes from within our community. Central Health’s promises of increased federal spending are also irresponsible, considering the credit downgrade of the federal government and over $16 trillion of debt.


What started as voluntary charity healthcare has transformed into a corporate political machine, which exploits highly charged emotions of indigent healthcare. Voters are being persuaded by a corporately funded professional campaign; a similar campaign spent over $180,000 of corporate money in 2004 passing the original healthcare property tax. When you see their slick ads, remember this isn’t the charitable Seton Infirmary of 1902 — its 21st century empire building on the backs of homeowners.

Roger Falk
Don Zimmerman


TCTU Launches STOP THE BLEEDING campaign against 63% tax rate increase

On September 21st (2012), several advisors and affiliates of TCTU gave statements answered questions from the media on why the 63% tax rate increase for an unnecessary new medical school complex and other expansions of government controlled healthcare should be voted down.

Roger Falk led our talking points, which will be underscored in an important OpEd against Prop 1 expected to be printed soon by the Austin Statesman.

The TCTU SPAC is accepting contributions for more signs and campaign materials — please send contributions to:

Travis County Taxpayers Union SPAC 

13492 Research Blvd #120-141, Austin, TX  78750

TEC rules instruct us to ask you for employer/occupation information.

Individual, business, and corporate checks are acceptable (in 2004, proponents of the tax spent over $180,000 of corporate PAC dollars passing the tax).

For any questions or comments, contact Don Zimmerman, TCTU SPAC Treasurer, 512-577-8842,




Travis County Taxpayers Union launches “STOP THE BLEEDING” campaign against 63% property tax rate increase demanded by “Central Health” (Prop 1 on November 6th ballot).


Travis County Taxpayers Union launches “STOP THE BLEEDING” campaign against 63% property tax rate increase demanded by “Central Health”
(Prop 1 on November 6th ballot).

Austin, TX — Several members of the Travis County Taxpayers Union (TCTU) and affiliated individuals will be available to the media to answer questions about the huge property tax rate increase in Prop 1 and rationale for opposing it. TCTU will unveil the large red STOP THE BLEEDING signs which begin distribution this weekend.

The TCTU says the taxpayers are experiencing “death by a thousand small cuts”, and it’s time to “stop the bleeding”.

“Proposition 1 is unnecessary and too costly”, says Roger Falk, an advisor and analyst for TCTU; “To imply our local practitioners and facilities are sub-standard insults the dedicated professionals providing Austin’s outstanding health care.”

Dr. Laura Pressley, former Austin City Council candidate, says “Austinites cannot afford this enormous tax increase. Let donors and the private sector build a new medical school and teaching hospital. Keep the taxpayer out of the equation”.

Don Zimmerman adds, “Voters should expect slick ads from a corporately funded professional campaign that will conceal the astronomical taxpayer bill for their ambitions; a political machine spent over $180,000 of corporate dollars in 2004 to create this property tax”.

TCTU is also announcing their participation in the upcoming RFC-TC Prop 1 forum (October 10th luncheon at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse in western Travis County), with Dr. David Berry speaking in opposition).

WHAT: “Stop the Bleeding” campaign launch against Prop 1, a 63% property tax increase
WHEN: Friday, Sep. 21 (2012), 11:30 AM
WHERE: 2323 South Lamar at Bluebonnet
WHY: Members of Travis County Taxpayers Union (TCTU) will answer questions from media regarding opposition to huge tax increase on the Nov 6th ballot.

For more information, contact
ROGER FALK, 512-258-5953,, TCTU Advisor and Analyst
Don Zimmerman, 512-577-8842,, TCTU SPAC Treasurer

The Travis County Taxpayers Union,, was created in 2012 to represent the political interest of Travis County taxpayers.